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Welcome to

...where you can learn about koi diseases and their recovery.

FishMedicine is really a series of very simple steps which can be followed almost exactly in almost every case. When you notice that your fish are sick:

Collect a water sample in a clean plastic container. You will test this water at room temperature for Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate and pH. See articles in Water Quality.

Immediately clean the bottom of the pond of any settled debris - in particular leaf litter. Settled debris contribute solid and chemical organic wastes, and noxious gases including carbon dioxide, but also methane, and very occasionally, hydrogen sulfide. The fastest and surest way to ruin the pond's water-health is to put stagnant water in the mix . Perform a 45-55% water change before anything else is done. Dechlorinate. If you do not have live plants worth more than your fish, SALT! Then assess the signs and symptoms.

Symptoms Charts.

We'll present an overview article and more resources to help you along. Koi keeping is an exciting hobby and when done successfully, it's a lot of fun. Understanding what is REALLY important to the koi, and therefore to their health is the essence of what the hobbyist has to understand.

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